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"Something glitters in the bright Spring light on the far side of Evans Creek. Something moves, and I stop. Watch. A black-billed magpie stands at the top of the far bank, wings open wide and slightly drooped, head down, tail feathers spread like a Spanish fan, back feathers raised and fluffed."


From "A Question of Corvids"


Back-billed magpie "anting," Reno, Nevada. Photo  ©Sheila Boneham

Select Essays & Poems


"A Question of Corvids" - essay

2015 Best American Science and Nature Writing (Mariner, 2015).

Prime Number Magazine, Editors' Selections, Volume 4 (2014).

Prime Number Magazine (Issue 62, October 2014)

2014 Prime Number Magazine Prize for Creative Nonfiction


"On Eating My Way Through a Feast of Poems" - poem

Minerva Rising (Fall 2014).


"Spin" - poem

The Written River: A Journal of Eco-poetics (Vol. 5, Issue 1, Summer 2014).


"To a Kurdish Child" - poem

Red Earth Review (Issue 2, July 2014).


"Nocturne: Nebraska" - essay

The Wayfarer (Vol. 3, Issue 1, Winter 2014).


"The ‘I’ States" - essay

The Museum of Americana (Vol. 5, Winter 2014).







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